AIAG Appraisal & Claims Group

The Claim Process Simplified: From Free Consultation and Estimate to Success

We have been providing the highest recognized industry standard in appraisals since 2001. Let us help you whether the need arises from a legal or financial matter such as an evaluation for the bank for a lending requirement in financing, insuring expensive property all through just leasing a vehicle, a court matter such as divorce, bankruptcy, probate, estate or even a claim against the insurance company after an accident.
Our appraisals can be used in court as they are one of the few that pass the Daubert Standard of evidence. We also use comparable vehicles and market standard pricing which allow you to present it to the IRS or big insurance to show a loss in your vehicle after an accident, flood, fire or any type of catastrophe.
We assist you in insurance documentation, estate and property settlements and even charitable donations. We do a little bit of everything but our expertise is in Diminished Value Claims and Total loss.
Our database is complied by over 5 million used car sales on a monthly basis that include depreciation, historical values, market area changes and then cross referenced by weekly car sales on a wholesale basis, auction level, consumer trade-in and retail against Black Book databases which are the most accurate and trusted car sales data available on the market. Black Book is currently in use by over 90% of car dealers and financial institutions in the United States. Black Book is not available to the public as it is only used for the auto industry since 1955.
We pride ourselves in our appraisals and we are USPAP compliant which is the only standard form of appraisals authorized by the US congress.
Beware of cheap appraisals the so called reports and assessments that are instantly generated and don’t even have a signature to show who did the documentation or how calculations were arrived at.
Protect yourself and your property, do it right the first time and avoid future headaches and even being possibly accused of fraud.