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Why choosing us is simple. We don’t compromise our integrity and give you an inflated appraisal to get you to order our services as most will do.

We offer free consultation and free estimates so you know what you are getting into from the start, so there is no guessing later on.

What makes our Appraisal Different:

USPAP Compliant Standards-The Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practices or USPAP was adopted by the ASB which is the Appraisal Standards Board which was created by congress in 1989 and is the only standard for appraisals worldwide.

IRS Approved Comparable Standards
– We use a Damage severity scale: NAAA and I-Car have standards used in the car sales trade to show the severity of accidents and damage to structural parts, along with valuation points to show cars that have never been in an accident.- A valuation floor (A car cannot loose more than the lowest value on the market, unless it is a total loss and in that case it is the market value. Many so called appraisers don’t use a valuation floor and think a car can loose more than what it cost to replace the car.- We use comparable vehicles: 99% of appraisers don’t use market comparable’s because they use valuation books that do not support the appraisal numbers and this way they can either make the appraisal higher or make the insurance company happy by doing an inaccurate appraisal. Not all valuation books are created equal.- We compare market values nationwide against market area comps for accuracy of pre-loss and in accident cases post loss value but why because in some cases an area is doing badly economically and a car cannot be sold or simply because a car cannot be purchased in a certain market area and the buyer or seller would have to travel to sell a vehicle making it impossible to be accurate on our appraisal without taking into account the pricing used in nearby areas.- Methodology basis: There are many ways to calculate a loss or even a simple market valuation on a vehicle if you are basing it on all the cars available since your car can have more or less features, a specific paint or modifications.

We Pass The Daubert Standard of evidence
– Experts methodology has been tested
– Known error rate
– Methodology has peer review
– Subject to standards
– Generally accepted



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